Sunday, 14 July 2013

Aku dah diet, exercise, tapi kenapa berat aku still tak turun?!

Siapa pernah jadi macam ni? In fact, you started to gain some weight. If you only started the weight loss program a week or 2 ago, then congratulation.

You are gaining muscles. If the weight maintain, you have lost the some of the extra fats & berat yang berjaya diturunkan tu dah digantikan dengan muscles. Tapi kalau berat naik, you still havent lose fats. BUT, it is still a congratulation. Sebab kau dah berjaya gain some muscles. Remember, muscles are necessary to increase the BMR. So, the higher your BMR, the higher your chance to lose fats. Nothing happens overnight ya know?

Apa yang aku cakap ni werent something I read, it is my own experience. My own experiment. Benda ni lah antara experiment yang aku cakap tu. I use my own body to understand how it works thoroughly. So aku faham apa perasaannya dah diet, exercise semua tapi still tak turun any weight. Devastating, I know. But my advice is simply, do not give up! Never give up!

Cuba bayangkan, you have finally gain enough muscles for your body to lose more fats thus let the weight loss visible on that scale, tapi kau give up on that moment. By giving up, you may not change your eating habit, but you may give up exercising. On that moment, magically, you started losing weight easily. Membutakan mata dan fikiran, berat aku turun!

FALSE understanding.
You lose weight because you lost those precious muscles, and slowly but surely, those muscle mass lost will be replace by fats gain from the decrease in BMR. Remember, BMR ditentukan oleh keperluan muscles. At the end, a month or 2 after you gave up and thinking that 'I can lose more weight without exercising', you started gaining more weight and were left with double the weight lost and confusion with what has happened.

I finally reach that theory about 2 weeks ago. Thats why lah aku starting anew. Some of you may said that its unfair because I am already in my 'fit' position, so weight lost will be much easier for me. Tettt. Nope, told ya I am starting anew. Hasil dari my previous experiment, I may not gain any weight, tapi I lost at least 50% of my muscle mass. Sedih tau tak bila pegang kaki, lengan & abs, tak sekeras dulu. In fact, muscles yang tinggal dah kecik dan digantikan with some flabby fats. SEDIH!

Tapi jujurlah kan, exercising during fasting is horrible. It made me realize that I have a low blood pressure. Dah la penat, lepas tu takleh minum air. Bila duduk/baring kejap and bangun, mula nak pitam. So, so far I have skipped few days of exercising. Which is bad. Tapi I cant take that risk of crawling up the stairs in total blackout for about 5 seconds again, arent I? So now, I am currently experimenting (again!) in the food that I need to consume during the night.

Makanya, aku tak bolehlah cut off too many calories per day. This is weird because back then dekat UUM, I consume only once a day. Tapi sekali makan, macam singa dapat makan. Heavy eater kan? So at the end, my current conclusion is that, aku kena consume around 1200-1400 per day which must consist of everything in the food pyramid.

Jadi, the concequence is I may not achieve my target by the end of the month but will somehow achieve my dream body if I didnt give it up, inshaAllah. Kenapa? Berbalik kepada topik asal;
1) I am gaining muscles again
2) My fats will be replace by new formed muscles
3) I cant do the calories cutting since my body is refusing

Naik berat badan tak semestinya semakin gemuk, you see? :)

My point is guys, never give up because when you know and understand how hard it is to be healthy, you will appreciate it more. The harder it is to achieve something, the stronger and wiser you become. Trust yourself, trust God, for He always the best planner. For success did not come overnight :)


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